Poem: Cloud and Ink | Nube y Tinta

Title: Cloud and Ink | Nube y Tinta

Language: Translation | Spanish to English

Category: Fantasy

Plot: A dove searches for the mortal who will become immortal and a god. When found, he will take a cloud as a pen and a tear as ink so that he can paint a woman’s face –possibly yours– on the meadow and sea.

Featured Verses:

Tear as ink and

with his hand paint

your face on the meadow and

your hair on the sea.

Original Verses: (Spanish)

Lágrima por tinta y

con su mano pintar

tu pinta en el prado y

tu cabello en el mar.

Poet’s Comments: One of my favorite approaches to writing poetry is allowing the poem as much plot as a poem can have. In this, I’m influenced by the classics. From time to time, I enjoy merging reality and fantasy without flinching.

Where to find the poems…

The translated poem in English:

Caribbean Poet (Release: June 1, 2017)

The original poem in Spanish:

Poemas Caribeños (available)

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