Poem: Living in Death | Viviendo en Muerte

Title: Living in Death | Viviendo en Muerte (Spanish title)

Language: Translation/Modification | Spanish to English

Category: Death

Plot | Description | Poet’s Comments: What does it mean that for Life, Death is necessary? The poem is a conversation between the poet & death, the poet & the reader, and the poet & death’s agents. The themes are dying & death. Our ultimate fate terrifies many. However, there is very little we know about dying and death. So, why are we afraid? Why the apprehension? Living in Death explores the more positive aspects of death’s perks & privileges for the deceased and those of us who stand in line. Below are two translated/modified Spanish to English stanzas, followed by the original Spanish verses:

Featured Verses:

Inevitable destiny of rest,
release me from life and its horrors.
With daydreams, set me free
as I slumber under tulle and over felt.

Death, few enjoy your dark enchantments.
The living haven’t lived;
because for life, death is necessary.
Those who wane accept death’s somber cloak and live.

Original Verses: (Spanish)

Destino inevitable de descanso
líbrame de esta vida y sus espantos
con tu ensueño hazme libre y manso
bajo tul y sobre fieltro dormitando.

Muerte, pocos son los que disfrutan tus encantos
los que viven no han vivido
porque para la vida es necesario un fallecido
y quien fallece de la muerte acepta el manto.


Where to find the poems…

The translated/modified poem in English:

Caribbean Poet (Release: July 1, 2017)

The original poem in Spanish:

Poemas Caribeños (available)

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