New Poetic Stage, New Poetic Style

This week, I wrote the poem Daisies for my soon-to-be-released collection of poems Caribbean Poet. My wife inspired it. This poem brings to an end a poetic stage in my life.

It’s time to progress to my next poetic stage, and with it comes a new poetic style. There’s so much conflict, tension, hatred and apprehension in the world, that I decided my new style should address it.

Let me describe what I’m talking about… It’s minimalist fusion poetry: minimalist in that it will only use lowercase letters and minimum to no use of punctuation or other grammatical components & fusion in that it will fuse the various folkloric traditions around the world as if they belonged together, as if they were part of the same storyline –because they do and they are. We are ONE human race. Everything else is a detail. I started going down this fusion path with my 5-poem series titled The Poetic Story Of Princess Taína & Prince Connell’s Wild Atlantic Love. This poem is featured on this website and appears in Caribbean Poet (release: July 1, 2017).

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Caribbean Poet (Release: July 1, 2017)

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