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Daisies brings to an end this most recent poetic stage. I composed it for Rachel, my wife. She knows why and how it came to be. Rachel understands its meaning and hidden clues, and that’s all that matters.  –Luis S. González-Acevedo


by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

wading through grassy meadows
stumbling through crowds of daisies
“daisy, daisy…” is their echo
as my fingertips caress these florid ladies

but one… she whispers in my ear “i’m rachel”
so I beg her to know more… “please tell”
my heart cannot resist pounding like a bell

as she indulges my curiosity with the sweetness of her smell
but wait! is it rachel? is it belle? –forgetful calamity of calamities
no worries… all the same… she may be rachel, but her face resembles belle

The poem appears in:


Caribbean Poet (Release: July 1, 2017)