Poem: “Don’t Speak English, I”

Dedication: I dedicate this poem to those who without knowing a language have had to speak it.

Poem: “Don’t Speak English, I”

Selected Verses:

Father told me, “Tell them…”
“I don’t speak English,”
because I understood the world in Spanish.

~ ~ ~

But like an immigrant who would NOT be defeated,
my courageous little mouth, lips and tongue repeated:
“Jes! Don’t spic English, I.”

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Poema: Leyenda del Coquí

Poema: Leyenda del Coquí

Versos Selectos:

En la profunda oscuridad nocturna,
una flecha, al besar mi pecho, rozó mi alma.
Moribundo y perforado, tambaleando llegué a ti:
¡Río de aguas patrias, comparte tu vida!
Lame mis heridas –y aunque muera mi cuerpo,
lejos esté de mi Nombre morir.

~ ~ ~

Al caer mi corazón en tus aguas cristalinas
Al caer mi sangre y lágrima en tu alma corriente
Transpórtalos a los confines de la patria
y al rozar el alma de otro u otra indígena
que en tu lecho duerma, transfórmalas en Coquí
Coquí… Coquí…

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Poemas Caribeños

Poetic Breeze

My books of poetry (the first in Spanish, the second in English) highlight the word “breeze.” I fear that the complete impact of the word’s meaning can be lost. Its poetic significance can only be experienced when you’ve felt a Caribbean breeze soothe your skin from a blistering summer day in Old San Juan or caress you on a humid afternoon in Puerto Rico’s mountains.DSC_0055

If you’d like to experience both, visit Puerto Rico. Do what I did this summer and bring a copy of my books (Caribbean Poet and/or Poemas Caribeños) to Puerto Rico and you’ll fully understand what I’m talking about.

My wife and I enjoyed this Airbnb mountain house in Adjuntas, Puerto Rico this summer:



Poem: May we have a home?

Dedication: I dedicate this poem to those who have been denied a home because of race or ethnicity.

 Poem: May we have a home?

 Selected Verses:

The couple was persistent. Caribbean Hispanics
battered by their circumstances and haggard
–yet intent on flying skyward.
But in the end, their mobile souls bled
when the soulless landlord said:
“I’m sorry, but you’re not the right Hispanic. –You know… European… Spaniards.”


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