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Poem (translation): Princess

Poem: Princess

Selected Verses:

(Translation of Princesa)

Princess with porcelain skin and crystal eyes,
accept the poem of this poet and noble…

…From the king’s court, I observe you
–from a distance in the tower that attracts my gaze.
And from that distance, your figure corrects my wrong;
because desiring you is not a sin.

Few are the days I’ve seen you close.
As your gaze penetrates mine,
reflected in your eyes I see my world.
Hold me with your lips; and through your eyes, I’ll enter…

…Torture me with your lips’ sweet graze
and the softness of your tongue…

Through my emerald eyes, you entered.
Around my mind, you stroll each night and day.
Tonight, I’ll capture you; and as you kiss me,
you’ll tender the lips that mine invade.


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Poema: Permíteme Amarte Cielo

Poema: Permíteme Amarte Cielo

Versos Selectos:

Permíteme Amarte Cielo

Permíteme amarte cielo bajo la sombra de luna.
Eclipsa mi angustiada alma e ilumina mi mundo
con el sosiego predecible y tierno que en ti abunda;
torna mi existencia nula en triunfo…

…Sumérgeme en tu verde mar de vida.
Ahógame en la pasión de tu acuoso mármol
y en sus costas sedúceme con una ola enfurecida
al bañar mi cuerpo con sus besos y corona de arrebol.

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Poem: What shall America compare thee to?

What shall America compare thee to?

What shall America compare thee to?
Thou art mostly bigoted and racist:
Rough and evil words do shake your hairdo;
Election’s lease revealed your sexist twist.
Hot flashes of cameras shine.
Your mind in its orange complexion dimmed,
When evil KKK’s support met late decline:
Your scattered nature’s course untrimmed.
In hope, thy temporal summer shall fade,
Succumbing in thy hate-filled race.
History shall abhor you in the shade,
When the lines of age dry upon your face.
So long as men and women understand…
So long as reason, good and love withstand…


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Poem: Death, Fall Upon My Tamed Face

Poem: Death, Fall Upon My Tamed Face

Selected Verses:

Death, Fall Upon My Tamed Face
(Translation of Muerte, Cae Sobre Mi Domada Frente)

Death, fall upon my tamed face.
Bring night’s darkness to my eyes;
and while they can still open and close,
bring me to my knees…

Silence my mortuary tears.
Proclaim for me an unstable life
that’s tortured by never-ending days
–a pernicious fortune badly suffered…


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