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a future of dreams is a short novel that grapples with love & true love, human beauty, sensuality, fantasy, and the surreal. | Release Date: January 1, 2018


Chapter 2 | The Introduction of Gloria, aka Her

“Gloria was his bond to any geographical location graced with her presence. She was petite, donned a pale complexion, and flirted lustrous black hair. Her hair haunted his dreams. She had a slight overbite. Two of her front upper teeth rested deliciously on the most inner part of her lower lip when she was unaware. In those careless moments, her beauty was at its peak and no other woman existed for him.”

“Gloria had passions. She turned passions into words that evening. Áxel understood why he loved her. He loved her words. He loved her thoughts and potential. He loved the vessel that conveyed them. He never said it, just felt it, thought it.”

“Áxel wasn’t sure at the time whether Gloria felt anything more than sport, amusement or tolerance of him. Was he just another story to tell? Would she dispose of him after she had her thrill and then mock him? Was she an explorer making her way into the myths of Áxel? Was she –like him– unable to communicate her true feelings about him? Would she return to the civilized and prudish world and entertain the hordes with these fulfilled or unfulfilled expectations?”

“Gloria’s graceful eyes, the pale of her skin and the timbre of her voice left Áxel completely awestruck. As she spoke, Áxel wondered whether she was as taken by him as he was with her. His doubts left him wounded.”

“The sun made its way skyward that mournful morning while the darker hours before dawn lingered in Áxel’s helpless mind, playing and replaying, underscoring the last words that spilled from Gloria’s lips…”


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