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a future of dreams is a short novel that grapples with love & true love, human beauty, sensuality, fantasy, and the surreal. | Release Date: January 1, 2018



Chapter 3 | From the Caribbean to Dayton…

“Shattering Áxel’s emotional well-being, the announcement blasted throughout the gate… ‘Flight 1969 to Dayton International Airport will begin boarding at this time.’ He focused on ‘at this time.’ It sounded more like ‘at this time!’ Were they throwing his circumstances in his face?”

“He hoped the city would be full of life-changing possibilities. In Dayton, he would attempt to survive the bonds he had to certain other places –places he’d left behind.”

“At the cash register, the youthful cashier paged a more experienced one. The older cashier asked Áxel for identification. Áxel smiled and replied, ‘Look at these lines.’ He pointed with both index fingers to the outer corners of his eyes and traced the faint lines back toward the temples. ‘This is my identification.'”

“The awkward interaction with the older cashier evoked the memory of his abuelo; not because of the cashier’s defensive attitude, but because of the physical resemblance to his grandfather. The store’s old man conjured Áxel’s childhood memories… Áxel reminisced about his childhood in Chicago, when his grandfather lived with the immediate family. The old man never learned English; and because he rarely spoke at all, he seldom spoke Spanish. He lamented to Áxel once, ‘I don’t know how to speak English and I’m forgetting my Spanish. There will come a time when I won’t be able to speak at all.'”


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