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NoteThe Poetic Love Story of a Goth is a series composed of twelve poems and a subtle story line. The series’ themes are love, fantasy, beautiful hauntings, alternative lifestyles, life’s darker aspects, surrealism, lust, Gothic themes, sensuality, cosmetics, and eroticism.

Poem: The Poetic Love Story of a Goth

Selected Verses:

Postscript On Gothic Red

Gothic Red –dressed as an imperial princess
whose eyes dawn with grayish blues…
Wear your native dress and crimson gloves
to veil your gentle pale-white skin
and freckled constellations born east of Berlin…

~ ~ ~

And such were the professor’s dreams:
illusions and fantasies of the mind
–yet compelling enough to create the world
of Gothic Jill…

…The Philosopher opens his eyes
and stares at the smears & stains
on his pillows & sheets: soot & tar.



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