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a future of dreams is a short novel that grapples with love & true love, human beauty, sensuality, fantasy, and the surreal. | Release Date: January 1, 2018 


Chapter 4 | The Dayton Art Institute

“Áxel stood behind the woman as she deliberately studied the painting on the institute’s wall.”

“He had been drowning in its depth, unable to notice anything or anyone else; but once she came into the picture, his attention focused on her.”

“The woman inspected the oil on canvas meticulously. She looked at the painting like a child discovering the meaning of words in a book when learning to read.”

“Paralysis subdued her, leaving her pensive and fully aware of Áxel’s conspiratorial presence.”

“So many questions came to mind. Was the painting beautiful because of the woman admiring it? Was she beautiful because of art? Was she the very essence of art? Did beauty flow through the painting, the woman and Áxel like electricity through conductors?”

“Thomas Wilmer Dewing’s Lady With A Rose… The painting is as old as the instituteLady with a Rose | Thomas W. Dewing itself. It frames a beautiful Lady, sitting –underscored with a vague background and furniture of minimal importance. A picked rose extends from the Lady’s hand, yet another victim of the onslaught of time.”

“The woman soaked in the painting that featured a Lady almost twice her age. She closed her eyes and gave her imagination free rein.”

“The Lady of oil and canvas rolled the visitor’s dress above mid-thighs. The young woman’s skin, sprinkled with powdered sugar and freckled with cinnamon, was the perfect canvas for the Lady With A Rose.”

“The beautiful Lady pricked her youthful beauty. A bubble of blood puddled on her milky skin. As the red droplet left its trail on the flurried thigh, the Lady absorbed its moisture with her tongue, licked her lips with delight, and purposely stained her teeth with crimson.”

“The woman opened her eyes, as if startled by Áxel.”


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a future of dreams (Release: Jan 1, 2018)