Poem: i vote

“i vote” will appear in a collection of poems by Luis S. González-Acevedo (release: 2019)

i vote

i don’t vote for
i vote against
against bigots, racists, sexists & intolerance

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Poem: Falling Drops (translation of Gotas que Caen)

Poem: Falling Drops (translation of Gotas que Caen)

Selected Verses:

Falling Drops
(Gotas que Caen)

Many love in cloudless skies,
sunny skies, fully radiant;
but love resides in aqueous perfumes:
Drops that fall and compel me to love you.

I love in torrents of copious rains.
I submerge in waters wanting to find you
until your body is found invaded by droplets:
Drops that fall and compel me to love you.

In Heaven, your body dresses with droplets,
framing your form like a masterpiece;
pouring from your breasts like cascades:
Drops that fall and compel me to love you.

It’s a chant of love to the rain,
who shares her bed with passions;
sensual, over me, and spilling in liturgy:
Drops that fall and compel me to love you.


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Poema: Piel de Sangre

Poema: Piel de Sangre

Versos Selectos:

Piel de Sangre

Dueño del Caribe, ¿Dónde están tus sueños?
Indiecito caribeño, ¿Qué heredas de tu padre?
Color de piel teñida sobre el pecho
que un Siglo de Oro eterno torna en sangre.

Niño Taíno, ¿Dónde está tu madre?
Busco en vano al varón que llamas padre.
Responde el niño: «Ambos llegarán muy tarde,
cuando el rojo indio de sus manos torne en sangre.»

¡Indio, quiebra las cadenas y sé libre!
Te invito a una tierra que es siempre tuya,
cuyas nubes lamen de tu cuerpo sangre,
paraíso del cacique Hayuya…


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Poem: october 2017 | foreshadow

If I believed in any kind of justice, I’d write the following poem…


october 2017 | foreshadow

tink tonk tink tonk tink tonk
the combined sounds
of lady justice’s clock
and a soon-to-be former president’s tin cup
against federal prison bars

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

“october 2017 | foreshadow” will appear in a still untitled, unpublished collection of poems by Luis S. González-Acevedo.