Poem: Christmas Tree

Poem: Christmas Tree (translation of Árbol Navideño)

Selected Verses:

Christmas Tree

(translation of Árbol Navideño)
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

In December, you’re dressed like a king
over a nourishing base of crystalline water;
and crowning you, we adorn you –Charlemagne– for Christmas Day…

…We all go out in search of our king with great excitement.
Cutting its trunk, we transport it to the palace,
crown it with a star, make it the sovereign of our lives,
and enthrone the monarch in its festive space.


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Poema: Árbol Navideño

Poema: Árbol Navideño 

Versos Selectos:

Árbol Navideño

por Luis S. González-Acevedo

Árbol navideño, en diciembre te visten como rey
sobre una base nutriente de agua cristalina
y coronándote, te adornan –Carlomagno– en Christmas Day…

…Salen todos en busca de su rey con gran empeño.
Cortándole en el tronco, le transportan al palacio.
Lo coronan con estrella y del reino le hacen dueño,
entronizando al monarca en su majestuoso espacio.


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Poem: when we vote | poem from columbus, oh

when we vote | poem from columbus, oh” will appear in a collection of poems by Luis S. González-Acevedo (release: 2019)

when we vote | poem from columbus, oh

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

when we vote…
beliefs & thoughts come alive
communities expose their hearts
you, y’all & i are revealed

because of your 2016 vote…
i will not set foot in your quaintness
i will not spend money within your borders
i will not engage your inhospitable terrain
i will not breathe your poisonous rural air

i have no need or desire
you don’t & won’t exist to me
archie bunker, i have no interest in you no more

cities are my home
in civilization, i claim sanctuary
my peaceful existence is urban

Poem: Legend of the Coquí

Poem: Legend of the Coquí (translation of Leyenda del Coquí)

Selected Verses:

Legend of the Coquí

(Leyenda del Coquí)
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Waters slither…
Eternal murmur of rivers
Be silent for a moment
Allow the perpetual expression
That will never quiet
The voice of a native
Injured in solitary suffering.

His word is a cry
Pain paralyzes his tongue
With his finger wrapped in flames
On a rock, he writes a testament
And signs with tears –Coabey…

…In the profound nocturnal darkness
An arrow kisses my chest and grazes my soul.
Moribund and pierced, I stagger toward you:
River of patriotic waters, share your life!
Lick my wounds.
Even if my body dies
Far be it from my Name to die…

…As my heart falls into your crystalline waters…
As my blood and tears drown in you…
Take them to the confines of our homeland
As they touch the souls of other natives
Sleeping in your riverbed
Transform them into Coquís…
Coquí… Coquí…


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