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a future of dreams is a short novel that grapples with love & true love, human beauty, sensuality, fantasy, and the surreal. | Release Date: March 1, 2018


Chapter 7 | Courthouse Square

“Áxel had a date with himself at the Schuster Center and arrived early. He sat on a concrete step at the very center of Courthouse Square, admiring the old courthouse.”

“Paolo’s father was a clockmaker. The family business was time-related. The clockmaker made and fixed things that measure time. He instilled in his son an appropriate respect for time, as well as the knowledge that it’s one thing to measure time, but quite another to understand its essence.”

“At such a young age, Paolo understood there was something sacred about the essence of time, and that measuring time was a ritual.”

“For Paolo, timepieces were religious instrumentalities related to some divine aspect of the gods. They were sacred relics that allowed humans some grasp of what God knows.”

“He wanted an education for his son, a classical education, one that would place Paolo in a position to seize the very essence of time and manipulate it, slow it down, stop it if necessary, an education that would make Paolo a worthy adversary of Chronos, one that would make time his bitch.”

“As an adult, Áxel was familiar with the passing of time, the effects of time, but not the essence of time. Like Paolo, his inability to understand the inner workings and essence of time placed him at a disadvantage against this human foe.”

“Sitting by himself on the concrete step of a foreign square heightened his awareness of loneliness –his solitary existence.”

“Startled by the growing darkness, he looked at his watch. The performance would start soon…”

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a future of dreams (Release: March 1, 2018)