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Poem: The Undelivered Kiss (translation of El Beso que Nunca Entregó)

Selected Verses:

The Undelivered Kiss

(translation of El Beso que Nunca Entregó)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

How many times did he see her pass? I don’t know.
He wanted to call her; but his courage gave.
For this reason, I’ll always remember
the undelivered kiss.

She became his princess,
a specter, an ideal.
Because he didn’t reach her, I remember
the undelivered kiss…

…The most painful of days…
Seeing you, not alone, and in good company;
holding hands, coquette, and with your new husband
of perfect build and elegant face.

What a terrible day he suffered!
You toppled the altar where he worshipped you.
Watching you pass with another,
he felt your daggers pierce through him…

…Extending his wings… the poor mortal
Descending and floating… the stranger who loved you
Into his abyss… unable to fly
because of an undelivered kiss.

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