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–only 1 chapter left to edit before release–

a future of dreams is a short novel that grapples with love & true love, human beauty, sensuality, fantasy, and the surreal. | Release Date: June 1, 2018 


Chapter 14 | She & Her


“…Her ponytail swung like a pendulum on a clock that has reached the ideal time, unlike the dread of midnight in fairytales. The distance between the two allowed him to appreciate her from head to toes, yet she was close enough to capture the minute details. She wore black ballerina shoes and her jeans fit nicely, nice and tight. They were faded slightly at the thighs and back –lower butt and inner thighs. The fading aroused Áxel. The fact that jeans fade was a fetish for him. Think about it. The fading process conjured to mind everything he desired –the friction, the rubbing, the heat… You get the point…”

“…No man or woman could look into her eyes and not be sublimely wounded, struck with the awesomeness of the aesthetic phenomena. To gaze into those eyes was an experience similar to bathing in Vieques’ bioluminescent bay on the darkest of nights. They were unfathomable awesomeness. Her eyelashes were long and thick –with mascara casting shadows around her bluish-gray eyes…”

“…Above the bluish-gray, over her eyelids, a sunset of colors warmed her eyes with contrast. A golden sunset tapered from her lashes to her brows. This human masterpiece revealed itself on a canvas of powdered-sugar skin that was draped with jet-black hair…”

“…She leaned into him, put her head on his chest, and slid her arm around his back, close to his waist. They were silent. The lovers took in the crisp morning with all their senses –the delightful sounds, the memorable smells, the colorful sights, and the taste and feel of each other to the extent possible in a public space…”

“…As they passed, Áxel noticed the unknown man stealing a glimpse of Delia’s eyes. Áxel gazed at him, amused by the understandably daring feat. The stranger realized he had been caught, but Áxel just glanced at him and smiled. Everything happened in a split second. A few split seconds earlier, Áxel smiled at the unknown woman for the same reason. He smiled at the couple because they couldn’t look away. He couldn’t fault them. Áxel recognized the unintended –yet unavoidable– invitation in those eyes –like a haunting ensnaring the haunted. Delia’s eyes haunted both male and female alike. How could Áxel fault anyone for acknowledging what he couldn’t deny? How could the world be denied such a spectacle? …”

“…His eyes rested gently over hers. He had something to say. It was no time for silence. He gazed into her daunting, haunting eyes as if hypnotized by a swaying pocket watch. He wanted… No. He needed to explain what he had discovered…”

“…Her supple lips overpowered his mouth. She framed it with her labial contours, and subdued his tongue without resistance…”

“They became victims of lustful confusion, as if the universe had been thrown into disarray by their complete awareness of each other and the exclusion of everything and everyone else. At the precise moment their lips touched, Time stood still. It was as if Time had lost its devouring hunger. Áxel smiled at Time for her –because of her. The morning breeze was warmed by the wounding of Time. Their noses pressed together, encouraging their lips’ continuous graze…”

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a future of dreams (Release: June 1, 2018)