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Selected Verses:

Love of Rose & Carnation

(translation of Amor de Rosa y Clavel)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Centuries ago, in an isolated place
surrounded by jasmine walls,
a well-cultivated paradise
and beautiful garden existed in all splendor…

…Eventually, the carnation looked at the rose
and the rose at the carnation.
The rose for the carnation: the most beautiful
The carnation for the rose: a beautiful being…

…But one day, the rose saw a tulip
and immediately gave him her heart.
The carnation was stored in her forgetfulness
because of fleeting passions –without reason…

…The sun launched its rays, assisting in his death.
Every petal in bloom dehydrated.
What was the carnation’s fortune?
Being bathed by the sun as he cried and withered.

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