Poem: ¿what inspires me?

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¿what inspires me?

by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

–december 31, 2018–
méxico city, méxico

island mountains against my small existence
a palm tree’s sensual sway
and the atlantic nights that drown my arrogance

caribbean breezes hissing through banana leaves their say
and the nostalgia of their vital scent from far away

the scorching sun against my skin over warm sands
while sea waves season me with foam and salt
and the way guava ignites the ocean’s salivary glands

the little frogs’ shrill song followed by their indiscretions
the moon’s kiss of rum and sugarcane
and night’s surrender to coffee passions:
the sweet and bitter darkness that humid skies can’t tame

Poema: ¿qué me inspira?

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¿qué me inspira?

por luis s. gonzález-acevedo

–21 de diciembre de 2018–
springfield, ohio, usa

los montes isleños ante mi existencia diminuta
de las palmas su sensual meneo
y la noche atlántica ahogando mi arrogancia

el viento caribeño silbando sus secretos entre hojas de guineo
y la nostalgia de su olor vital a la distancia

el sol abrasándome la piel sobre la arena
mientras las olas me sazonan con espuma y sal
el pastelillo de guayaba provocando de saliva un mar

el canto del pitirre despertándome cuando aún la luna coquetea con el cañaveral
y juntos despiden la noche con un cafecito en mi cafetal


Poema: el viajero

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el viajero

by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

–11 de diciembre de 2018–
springfield, ohio, usa

el viajero de sí pierde algo
lo entrega a quien visita y con el tiempo deja
de su cultura se convierte en heraldo.

lo perdido se transforma en riqueza
cuando de sus anfitriones recibe regalos
de amor y conocimiento
para que los atesore y con otros comparta.

Poem: the traveler

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the traveler

by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

–december 10, 2018–
springfield, ohio, usa

travelers lose a little something of themselves
to those they visit, then leave behind.
what is lost becomes a journey’s wealth
of gifts received in turn from hosts that unwind
the love and knowledge voyagers take along,
gifts they get to keep or share as they move on.

Poem: the little puerto rican girl

man holding girl while walking on street
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the little puerto rican girl

by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

–december 4, 2018–
springfield, ohio, usa

the little puerto rican girl
who made my heart whirl
is now a woman.

the squint of her d.w. eyes
like the memory of her hand in mine
these spin my corazón into a loving twirl.

where others merely walked, she strolls triumphant
she inhales the eastern sea
with wit and drive in her accomplishment.

and yes, I proudly know…
my little girl, this woman is better than I’ll ever be.