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[To share your poems click on space–time above/below or go to the space–time | espacio–tiempo webpage on the main menu]

The space–time | espacio–tiempo label features poems about spaces (geographical locations, national and nature’s sites & sights, landscapes & landmarks), as well as time (as it relates to spaces).

Some poems will be mine, and many others will be the inspiration of Guest Poets. Poems contributed by Guest Poets will be linked to their website or blog when possible.

Call for Poems… If you have space–time poems you would like featured on my blog, please share your poem with me for consideration. If there is a photograph connected to your poem and you have made it available on your website or blog, please include the link.

You must have written the poem
You must own the copyright and rights to publish the poem worldwide
In submitting the poem, you give me permission to publish your poem on the internet (you will receive credit for your poem)
Make sure you write your name exactly as you would like it displayed, as well as your city, state/province, and country

Things to know…
You retain all rights to your poems
You will receive credit for your submission
There is no compensation for the publication of your poem


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