Poem… nothing’s everything & everything’s nothing

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nothing’s everything & everything’s nothing

– Over two decades ago, I ran into a Spanish group’s music video. The group was Amistades Peligrosas and the video, me haces tanto bien. I liked it, recorded it, and enjoyed it every now and then. However, I didn’t give the group or the rest of their repertoire a second thought. I admit this was a grave error on my part. Recently, searching for other videos by other artists, several songs by Amistades Peligrosas were suggested; among these songs was me quedaré solo. I had never heard it before. I was fascinated and in a trance. The word and phrase that left me hypnotized were “pringao” and “caeré en picao.” The sounds… The contours of lips uttering them… I was fascinated, and I continue in my fascination. The power of words! To make a long story short, I’ll tell you that I researched the meaning and usage of these in Spain. Why? They were inspiring a poem. After many days of linguistic obsession, here it is… nothing’s everything & everything’s nothing. If you’d like a clearer and more exact understanding of what happened, please read the previous poetic entry. If you understand Spanish, you’ll get it. At least, I think so… Thank you, Amistades Peligrosas. –

nothing’s everything & everything’s nothing

–august 8, 2020–
springfield, ohio

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

i’m nothing’s everything
and everything’s nothing…
even so, you’ve loved me
despite what you can foresee
when my life runs scarce
and the universe whispers sour nothingness
i’ll glisten in that smile of yours, so rare
of lips dipped in molasses
when I am no longer, i tell you:
in my nothingness, i couldn’t be another’s fool
just the one without a clue
drowning in your whisky’s fuel
when my journey runs off course
what’s left
will sink in the abyss’ deepest cleft
and that very day… i’ll sharply fall without remorse
subtle sugar cane aromas
drench the contours of your tongue as you divine
this fool’s destiny and soon-to-come lacunas
drunk within your barrels of old whiskey & red wine

nothing’s everything & everything’s nothing will appear in a future book of poems & stories (release date | July 2021)–

Photo by Anastasia Zhenina on Pexels.com

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