my upcoming books: “beautiful haunting… surreal” & “a future of dreams”

Currently, I’m still editing my English-language novel beautiful haunting… surreal for publication and translating my short novel a future of dreams into Spanish. Both projects are still about a year out. beautiful haunting… surreal will eventually be translated into Spanish, too. Some of this work requires composing poems in Spanish based on poems originally written in English that are woven into the storyline. The purpose of writing these is to provide my Spanish readers with poetry that goes beyond translation or a mere version of the English originals. In essence, it will be like writing new poems for a very dear audience. Fortunately, it might be somewhat easier in that the topics and themes have already been established. I will be publishing these poems on this website for those of you who are interested in my Spanish-language poetry. These will be the next poems you read.
I do apologize for the delays in getting these out. Too often, life and work get in the way. As always, thank you for reading.
 –Luis S. González-Acevedo


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