Poem: Return to the Wild Atlantic Way | stories of a beautiful haunting… surreal

Cliffs of Moher, County Clare, Ireland

by Luis S. González-Acevedo


Return to the Wild Atlantic Way

As with all in life, my prince, the call for your departure shall arrive.
Toward Éire you’ll sail again against the ocean’s torture –toward its Wild Atlantic Way.

Westerlies will take you back toward Kiltyclogher’s sway
where day by day you’ll cry: “Without her love, how am I to survive?”
and she’ll proclaim: “You’re mine, Connell. How shall I stay alive?”

Ireland’s rains are Connell’s ghostly tears;
and Caribbean hurricanes embody Taína’s torment in her lonely years.
The princess inscribed petroglyphs of love & lust on Cacique Hayuya’s rock
as she daydreamed of MacNean Upper –Connell’s island nation’s lough.


With the flow of time came her greatest fear…

The Poetic Story of Princess Taína & Prince Connell’s Wild Atlantic Love will be featured in my novel stories of a beautiful haunting… surreal in April of 2021–

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