Poem: Prince Connell’s Grave | stories of a beautiful haunting… surreal

by Luis S. González-Acevedo


Prince Connell’s Grave

Surrounded by the Emerald’s ancient forest,
on a hill overlooking fields and meadows,
your dying breath, fainting eyes and longing sorrows
will be soothed by magic stones singing megalithic echoes from their clefts.
Among the stones, your immemorial past will rest.

Taína’s soul will crest upon Poseidon’s wave.
The Caribbean princess shall ride the ocean’s waters. Brave!
In lust for you…
In love with you…
In search of her Prince Connell’s Grave.

–The Poetic Story of Princess Taína & Prince Connell’s Wild Atlantic Love will be featured in my novel stories of a beautiful haunting… surreal in April of 2021–

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