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a future of dreams (Available!)

Book Language: ENGLISH | INGLÉS

Áxel Vivar is an average human,
an extraordinary person.

He was born in the past,
and will die in the future.
What will happen in between?

Áxel left his island paradise,
searching for the secrets of time.
Will he find them?
Will time let him?

Do geographical locations reveal time’s secrets?
What do cities, sites, and spaces tell us about time?

Can time’s birth-death boundaries be broken?
Can true love help him?

Will Áxel return triumphant to his Caribbean home?

–a story of time & eternity, mortality & immortality, romance & love–

–a tale for mortals–

Author’s word… a future of dreams is experimental writing & storytelling. It’s a humble attempt at art –word art, an attempt that defies the accepted mechanics of storytelling. I gave little consideration to the rules & canons of writing encouraged by the contemporary, literary scene. So, I write as I think and speak –and this will have to do. Thank you for your patronage!

Caribbean Poet (Available!)

Book Language: ENGLISH | INGLÉS

Caribbean Poet represents four decades of poetic writing with many frequent and extended periods of silence –the poetic thoughts of an adolescent and adult. The poems highlight my experiences in the Caribbean and the world.

Caribbean Poet considers the following themes: fantasy, love & sensuality, death, gothic images, magic & dark arts, patriotism, peace, politics, immigration & migration, human rights, language, friendship, time, family, philosophy, Christmas, graduation, poets & poetry, the United States, Ireland, England –Stonehenge, Mexico –Aztecs, Puerto Rico and Latin America.

Like my countryman Manuel A. Alonso, I ask that you receive my poems as the product of many hours stolen from sleep, studies and work. Please judge them with benevolence.

Poemas Caribeños (Available!)

Book Language: SPANISH | ESPAÑOL

Poemas Caribeños es un poemario que representa tres décadas de producción poética con períodos frecuentes y extensos de silencio –los pensamientos poéticos de un niño, adolescente y adulto. Los versos resaltan mis experiencias en el Caribe, al igual que mi tiempo en los Estados Unidos de América.

Poemas Caribeños considera los siguientes temas: fantasía, amor y sensualidad, muerte, imágenes góticas, patria, paz, derechos humanos, amistad, tiempo, filosofía, navidad, graduación, poetas y poesía, México, Puerto Rico e Hispanoamérica.   

Como mi compatriota Manuel A. Alonso, pido que reciban mis poemas como el producto de muchas horas robadas al sueño, a los estudios y al trabajo. Por favor, júzguenlos con benevolencia.

Updated: May 29, 2018