Poem: ¿what inspires me?

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¿what inspires me?

by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

–december 31, 2018–
méxico city, méxico

island mountains against my small existence
a palm tree’s sensual sway
and the atlantic nights that drown my arrogance

caribbean breezes hissing through banana leaves their say
and the nostalgia of their vital scent from far away

the scorching sun against my skin over warm sands
while sea waves season me with foam and salt
and the way guava ignites the ocean’s salivary glands

the little frogs’ shrill song followed by their indiscretions
the moon’s kiss of rum and sugarcane
and night’s surrender to coffee passions:
the sweet and bitter darkness that humid skies can’t tame


Nature: Word of the Divine | La Naturaleza: Palabra de lo Divino

nature red forest leaves
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Nature is the word of the Divine. The faithful should be horrified with its destruction –as if sacred scriptures were in flames.

La naturaleza es la palabra de lo Divino. Los fieles deberían llenarse de horror con su destrucción –como si escrituras sagradas estuvieran en llamas.

–Luis S. González-Acevedo