Poema: virus

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–6 de agosto de 2018–
londres, inglaterra

por luis s. gonzález-acevedo

¡atrévete! invade mi cuerpo
y al apostar en este mundo incierto
¡celebra! confía en tu pensar inepto:
que podrás ganar si me dejas muerto.

lo que no sabes
es lo que sé por experiencia:
y aunque no te agrade
decaerás en tu inútil resistencia.

pero, aunque seas el víctor
tu deleite será efímero
y la vida como el viento.
en fin, mi cuerpo es tu féretro
y con mi entierro
comienza el tuyo.



Poem: Virus

virus” will appear in a collection of poems & short stories by Luis S. González-Acevedo (release: 2019-2020)

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–august 6, 2018–
london, england

by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

¡dare! invade my body
as you wager… ¡go ahead!
¡celebrate! ¡believe your folly!
that you can win if i’m left dead.

what you don’t know
is what i know from experience:
after your sickening blow
you’ll weaken in futile resistance.

but even if you win
your joy will be ephemeral
and life much like the wind.
in sum, my body is your coffin
and with my funeral
yours begins.

Poem: Time (translation of Tiempo)

Poem: Time (translation of Tiempo)

Selected Verses:


(translation of Tiempo)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Time passes effortlessly in childhood.
Grains of sand form their cone quickly.
As children, we close our eyes without seeing the disgrace
of a potential death forging its throne.

Cheerful spring of laughs and fables,
of games, projects and days without time…
Life is a sweet and fanciful invention
that at each moment hastens its tempo…

…Time provides the seeds
for the harvest of spring infants.
March, April and May submit to summer’s hold,
so it may love them with severe tenderness…

…Inevitable winter, who called you?
Who erroneously told you that autumn was dead?
If I ignored you in the spring,
I now consider you deceased.

Eternally, I’ll reign over summer.
Winter turned back its forces.
Time will lash my life in vain,
envying the mortal who overcame it.

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Poem: Mortal Humanity

Poem: Mortal Humanity (translation of Mortal Humanidad)

Selected Verses:

Mortal Humanity

(translation of Mortal Humanidad)
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Human mortality is certain!
Our life begins, flows and ends…
We assume the world was world,
is world and will be,
that the earth replenishes and germinates.


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Poema: Muerte, Cae Sobre Mi Domada Frente

Poema: Muerte, Cae Sobre Mi Domada Frente

Versos Selectos:

Muerte, cae y destruye mi inerte corazón
cuyo irracional apego a un cuerpo
burlas en tu plácida pasión
y engañas por ser terco…

…Llévame en tus nubes húmedas
al mundo oscuro y tenebroso
donde no hay almas, ni hay vidas
donde el camino al cielo es escabroso.

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