Poem: Angel & Mermaid (translation/version of Ángel y Sirena)

Selected Verses:

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Angel & Mermaid

(translation/version of Ángel y Sirena)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Angel & Mermaid with beautiful eyes and severe gaze
Figure that makes my glance gentle
Every day, I remember that I shouldn’t;
but my soul remains tied to your silhouette.

Dark hair that seduces without speaking …

… Anyone would give their life to kiss …

… Sweet tiny waist that tempts my hands
Slender legs that hypnotize in madness
The sun of desire with honey warms
the passion that in me has lost its sanity.

Your slightly parted lips mark the entrance
to your soul and coffer of pleasure.
Your crystalline eyes sing the ballad
that reveals you and all you can be.

Mermaid & Angel, stay in your solemn trance.
Deliver yourself into my arms;
and thus, your skin’s sweet enlace …


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Poem: Snow & Flowers (translation of Nieve y Flores)

Selected Verses:

Snow & Flowers

(translation of Nieve y Flores)pexels-photo-804417.jpeg

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Winter spreads its wool blanket,
covering gardens, skies and flowers.
To the wind, it spills chilled currents…

…Snowflakes fall,
covering each petal in bloom.
They become tears
and run to express their pain.

Flakes turn into droplets
and paint flowers…

garden-rose-red-pink-56866.jpeg…Winter, bid farewell as spring returns
and the ice that confines flowers melts.
Remember, the liberated flowers will not cry
the snow’s estrangement and newfound intimacy with the sun.



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Poem: Love of Rose & Carnation (translation of Amor de Rosa y Clavel)

Selected Verses:

Love of Rose & Carnation

(translation of Amor de Rosa y Clavel)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Centuries ago, in an isolated place
surrounded by jasmine walls,
a well-cultivated paradise
and beautiful garden existed in all splendor…

…Eventually, the carnation looked at the rose
and the rose at the carnation.
The rose for the carnation: the most beautiful
The carnation for the rose: a beautiful being…

…But one day, the rose saw a tulip
and immediately gave him her heart.
The carnation was stored in her forgetfulness
because of fleeting passions –without reason…

…The sun launched its rays, assisting in his death.
Every petal in bloom dehydrated.
What was the carnation’s fortune?
Being bathed by the sun as he cried and withered.

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Poema: Ángel y Sirena

Versos Selectos:

Ángel y Sirena

por Luis S. González-Acevedo

Ángel y Sirena de ojos bellos y mirar severo,
figura que enternece mi mirada;
y aunque cada día recuerdo que no debo,
mi alma a tu silueta queda atada.

Cabello oscuro que seduce sin hablar,
piel de perla en cuerpo de sirena;
cualquiera su vida entregaría por besar
a la sirena bella con nombre de reina.

Dulce cintura diminuta que mis manos tienta,
piernas delgadas que hipnotizan en locura;
el sol de mil pasiones con miel calienta
la pasión que en mí ha perdido su cordura…

…Sirena y Ángel queda quieta en tu solemne trance;
entrégame en los brazos tu figura y peso
y así con tu piel el dulce enlace,
al sentir tus labios con un beso…


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Poem: Dew (translation of Sereno)

Selected Verses:


(translation of Sereno)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Your affections are children of the night
whose father dies at sunset;
errant, with no one to reproach
their conduct in realms wet with dew.

Dew covers the face of its nocturnal reach
like a bloodhound covers terrain;
waiting for a flower to fall in a serene trance,
vital symptom of its nocturnal venom…

…Night’s death is day’s birth.
Dawn participates in the astral encounter.
Sunset awaits rebelliously,
intending to once again unleash its dew…

…The sun submerges in waters,
the moon springs up from the sea,
and Dew opens the doors
to bedrooms of roses lusting for love.


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