A Lord & Father’s Day Poem: i saw the “face” of god

On Father’s Day, I stand with immigrant, migrant, and mobile fathers –especially those who have been separated from their children by Satan’s agents: president #45 and his demons.

i saw the “face” of god

for president #45
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

in america 2016, i saw the “face” of god
and the outpouring of “his spirit” in 2017

ever since, this unrecognizable god seems to linger
like a repeating nightmare
that gets worse and doesn’t go away

he sees “the other” with hatred and intolerance
as if his children were better –superior
fallacy of fallacies, vanity of vanities

this distorted god inspires quotes from the holy bible
to justify separating children from parents
and criminalizing the search for dreams

the fake elijahs of today stand before their own god…
a great and powerful fear shatters lives
can the true lord be in such fear?
with fear comes hatred
can the real lord be in such hatred?
with hatred comes intolerance
can a merciful and loving lord be in their intolerance?

the true elijahs await the gentle whisper
of love, courage and acceptance

because in these, the true god abides


Poem: Time in Boriquén

Poem: Time in Boriquén (translation of Tiempo en Boriquén)

Selected Verses:

Time in Boriquén

(translation of Tiempo en Boriquén)
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

…I’d give my soul to be a child again,
and enjoy yesterday’s fantasies
in the refreshing winds of past endearments.
The cooler waters of my childhood rivers haunt me.

Time flies in a morbid frenzy.
He’s the Demon whose swift wings flutter
above and away from my island’s mountains,
the Beast who exiles memories from my isle’s shores.


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Poem: when we vote | poem from columbus, oh

when we vote | poem from columbus, oh” will appear in a collection of poems by Luis S. González-Acevedo (release: 2019)

when we vote | poem from columbus, oh

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

when we vote…
beliefs & thoughts come alive
communities expose their hearts
you, y’all & i are revealed

because of your 2016 vote…
i will not set foot in your quaintness
i will not spend money within your borders
i will not engage your inhospitable terrain
i will not breathe your poisonous rural air

i have no need or desire
you don’t & won’t exist to me
archie bunker, i have no interest in you no more

cities are my home
in civilization, i claim sanctuary
my peaceful existence is urban

Poem: “Don’t Speak English, I”

Dedication: I dedicate this poem to those who without knowing a language have had to speak it.

Poem: “Don’t Speak English, I”

Selected Verses:

Father told me, “Tell them…”
“I don’t speak English,”
because I understood the world in Spanish.

~ ~ ~

But like an immigrant who would NOT be defeated,
my courageous little mouth, lips and tongue repeated:
“Jes! Don’t spic English, I.”

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Poem: May we have a home?

Dedication: I dedicate this poem to those who have been denied a home because of race or ethnicity.

 Poem: May we have a home?

 Selected Verses:

The couple was persistent. Caribbean Hispanics
battered by their circumstances and haggard
–yet intent on flying skyward.
But in the end, their mobile souls bled
when the soulless landlord said:
“I’m sorry, but you’re not the right Hispanic. –You know… European… Spaniards.”


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