Poem… Your Covid–19 Death Wish

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Your Covid–19 Death Wish

–september 23, 2020–
springfield, oh

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

May the universe grant you
the so-called freedom you seek.
My goal is not to change your foolish views,
nor rustic thoughts birthed by your feet.

May the grant be yours, and only yours.
And if George Washington prefers,
let him readily confer
such freedom and its idiocy,
as you bask in your delinquency
and stupidity of life without a mask.
For George, it’s an easy task.

Do you realize that we speak
of your suicide?
Your arrogance and trumpery1 at its peak…

Even more than simple homicide,
it’s the battery & murder of those you might infect.

God speaks to you, his-her-its message don’t reject:
let others live happily
with their masks under “oppression.”

But should you want to live satanically…
Well, as for you and your fetishized transgression,
may the angels see you as you are: a murderer,
an aggressor,
an ass, and the epitome of retrogression.

1Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary: worthless nonsense, trivial or useless articles –First Known Use: 15th century, Middle English (Scots) trompery deceit, from Middle French, from tromper to deceive. Oxford Dictionary: attractive articles of little value or use, practices or beliefs that are superficially or visually appealing but have little real value or worth, showy but worthless, delusive or shallow –Origin: late Middle English (denoting trickery): from Old French tromperie, from tromper ‘deceive’.

Your Covid–19 Death Wish will appear in a future book of poems & stories (release date | July 2021)–

Poema… soy

–estoy harto de un mundo desconectado y separado por categorías, marbetes y etiquetas–


–27 de julio de 2020–
springfield, ohio

por Luis S. González-Acevedo

hijo de muchos abriles
un nada más
hacia un nada menos
una masa de carne, uno entre muchos
atrapado en un mundo
de categorías, etiquetas
y marbetes generales,

soy será publicado en un libro de poemas e historias en julio 2021–


Poem… i am

–i so, so dislike a world disjointed and separated by categories & labels–

i am

–july 27, 2020–
springfield, ohio

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

a child of many aprils
nothing more
toward nothing less
than a human being, a mass of flesh
trapped in a world
that’s all for
and of labels,
i am

i am will appear in a future book of poems & stories (release date | July 2021)–


Poem… hypocrisy in america

Peace is the answer. hypocrisy in america is not meant to justify violence, but to condemn the country’s greater hypocrisy. Peace is the answer.  –L. S. González-Acevedo

hypocrisy in america

–june 2, 2020–
springfield, ohio

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

in 1776, the riot was white
and called “revolution”
but when the plight
has color, the fight against oppressing institutions
is called “riot”
when the struggle is white, its warrior is a patriot
and an anthem is worshipped that reads:
perilous fight, bombs bursting in air –the poem proceeds:
their blood has wash’d out their foul footstep’s
pollution… the glorification of violence without regrets
when an act of protest has color, it’s a crime or treason
a president threatens the people with military action & prison
should we celebrate the fourth day of july
when the colorful are excluded?
a rational reply…
what exactly is to be celebrated?

hypocrisy in america will appear in a future book of poems & stories–

(release date | July 2021)


Poem… the problem

monochrome photo of math formulas
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the problem

–may 30, 2020–
springfield, ohio

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

many think themselves
more than they truly are:
an illusion that’s as real as elves
others think themselves
the lesser, a disillusion that leads them far
from their innate potential
sadly, few realize what they are
what’s real & special:
…to understand one’s self
the latter are the solutions
to the problems of the former
and their delusional notions
based on self-deception & disorder

the problem will appear in a future book of poems and stories (release date | July 2021)–