Poem: u.s. prez 45’s racist math

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u.s. prez 45’s racist math

by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

–september 17, 2018–
columbus, ohio, usa

“3000 people did not die,”
tweets mr. Racist Bigot.
this monster’s hatred is so sly
entrenched in evil, he pivots.

only “6 to 18 deaths”
3000 deaths??? no way!!!
tweets 45 out of 45
not #1 out of 45
but dead last out of 45:
the devil’s friendship, he won’t betray.

how many puerto ricans make one human?
consider prez 45’s racist math:
“166.6” –tweets the liar, his lie as gargantuan as lake huron
(a party enjoys his waters & jet skis on his water paths)

“when 498,000 puerto ricans have died,
only then 3000 humans have passed.”

–u.s. prez 45

let’s see if the Fool is as arrogant when he’s tried!


Poem | Poema: only you | sólo tú –for president #45

only you | sólo tú ” will appear in a collection of poems & short stories by Luis S. González-Acevedo (release: 2019-2020)

only you | sólo tú

for president #45
–september 28, 2017–

by | por Luis S. González-Acevedo

only you can turn POTUS into something else
because hatred, fear and nothingness
are your grand estates
with elfish hands
you managed to turn POTUS into pendejo
of the united states.

sólo tú puedes tornar a PDLEU en otra cosa
porque tu odio, miedo y cobardía
te han consumido
con manos diminutas y palabrería babosa
tornaste a PDLEU en pendejo
de los estados unidos.


A Lord & Father’s Day Poem: i saw the “face” of god

On Father’s Day, I stand with immigrant, migrant, and mobile fathers –especially those who have been separated from their children by Satan’s agents: president #45 and his demons.

i saw the “face” of god

for president #45
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

in america 2016, i saw the “face” of god
and the outpouring of “his spirit” in 2017

ever since, this unrecognizable god seems to linger
like a repeating nightmare
that gets worse and doesn’t go away

he sees “the other” with hatred and intolerance
as if his children were better –superior
fallacy of fallacies, vanity of vanities

this distorted god inspires quotes from the holy bible
to justify separating children from parents
and criminalizing the search for dreams

the fake elijahs of today stand before their own god…
a great and powerful fear shatters lives
can the true lord be in such fear?
with fear comes hatred
can the real lord be in such hatred?
with hatred comes intolerance
can a merciful and loving lord be in their intolerance?

the true elijahs await the gentle whisper
of love, courage and acceptance

because in these, the true god abides

Poema: confesión de un puertorriqueño

confesión de un puertorriqueño” will appear in a collection of poems & short stories by Luis S. González-Acevedo (release: 2019-2020)


confesión de un puertorriqueño

por Luis S. González-Acevedo

mis tatarabuelos nacieron en puerto rico
mis bisabuelos en borikén
mis abuelos en su isla caribeña
mis padres en sus montañas
y yo –en su costa sur

la vida colonial me arrancó
tirándome en chicago
abandonándome en michigan, indiana, las carolinas
y ohio

encadenado gran parte de mi vida al imperio
medio siglo ha dejado una cicatriz lingüística
y posiblemente cultural, pero…

no te equivoques
no te confundas
ni juzgues

soy boricua