Poem: Seduction (translation of Seducción)

Selected Verses:


(translation of Seducción)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Let me press your body to the wall
so that your breasts grind against its bricks…

…Your top will fall, sliding against your skin…
…I’ll undress your body; and to make you tremble,
I’ll kiss your back and taste your neck.

My hands will glide throughout your body, your legs…
My mouth will kiss your waist; and as I bite,
my dream will make a feast of you…

Drown in my seduction:
erotic dimension of a lusting reality.
Receive the lashing of my sensuality
and enjoy the delights of my blazing passion.

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Poem: Dew (translation of Sereno)

Selected Verses:


(translation of Sereno)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Your affections are children of the night
whose father dies at sunset;
errant, with no one to reproach
their conduct in realms wet with dew.

Dew covers the face of its nocturnal reach
like a bloodhound covers terrain;
waiting for a flower to fall in a serene trance,
vital symptom of its nocturnal venom…

…Night’s death is day’s birth.
Dawn participates in the astral encounter.
Sunset awaits rebelliously,
intending to once again unleash its dew…

…The sun submerges in waters,
the moon springs up from the sea,
and Dew opens the doors
to bedrooms of roses lusting for love.


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Poema: Ojos de Cristal (traducción de Crystal Eyes)

Versos Selectos:

Ojos de Cristal

(traducción de Crystal Eyes)

por Luis S. González-Acevedo

Ojos de cristal enmarcados con nevadas de piel
y separados por un declive perfecto
que desciende hacia colinas exquisitas
de pétalos carmesí
quemando con lujuria hinchada…

…Descansa tu cuello en mi mano aferradora
y déjame guiar tu deseosa mirada
hacia mis mares de verde
hasta que tus ojos de cristal y mis islas verde-mar
se tornen en erótico cian.


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Poem: Caresses (translation of Caricias)

Poem: Caresses (translation of Caricias)

Selected Verses:


(translation of Caricias)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

The hand hovers
and enjoys the contour
of a body drenched
by oily rain.

The errant skin
adheres to the fingers…

…The accelerated to-and-fro
of the hand stimulates,
further curving
the arched back…

…of such masculine hand
enlaced in her hair.


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