Poema: vida en paro

vida en paro

–4 de julio de 2018–
ciudad méxico, méxico

por luis s. gonzález-acevedo

vida en paro…

el desperdicio de una historia
sin contar, víctima de existencial estrago.

pienso… ¡sé valiente! ve donde quieras con euforia
cuidado… evita la idiotez
hazle clic a “pause”  y comienza “play.”

te darás cuenta cuando llegue la vejez
que el pasar del tiempo es ley
la vida es un juego de ajedrez
y £os re€ur$os con el tiempo disminu¥en.

el futuro garantiza su llegada
recuerda… los segundos y minutos, las horas huyen
llega cuando nuestro estado es frágil y somos nada
al fin, con la moneda del tiempo pagamos el precio
y el reloj del universo nos contempla con desprecio.



Poem: life on hold

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life on hold

–july 3, 2018–
méxico city, méxico

by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

life on hold…

waste of a story
left untold.

i think… go where you want to be ¡be bold!
beware… avoid the folly
by clicking out of life’s pause and into play.

remember… perfect moments don’t exist
wishes run with slight or much delay
re$our€es merely al£ow us to subsist
the time for what matters is seldom right.

the future is guaranteed to come
believe you me, for life there’s no rewrite
mostly, it arrives when we’re undone
and the price for its grand entrance is our fine:
our breaths paid for in the currency of time.

Poem: Time (translation of Tiempo)

Poem: Time (translation of Tiempo)

Selected Verses:


(translation of Tiempo)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Time passes effortlessly in childhood.
Grains of sand form their cone quickly.
As children, we close our eyes without seeing the disgrace
of a potential death forging its throne.

Cheerful spring of laughs and fables,
of games, projects and days without time…
Life is a sweet and fanciful invention
that at each moment hastens its tempo…

…Time provides the seeds
for the harvest of spring infants.
March, April and May submit to summer’s hold,
so it may love them with severe tenderness…

…Inevitable winter, who called you?
Who erroneously told you that autumn was dead?
If I ignored you in the spring,
I now consider you deceased.

Eternally, I’ll reign over summer.
Winter turned back its forces.
Time will lash my life in vain,
envying the mortal who overcame it.

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Poem: Time in Boriquén

Poem: Time in Boriquén (translation of Tiempo en Boriquén)

Selected Verses:

Time in Boriquén

(translation of Tiempo en Boriquén)
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

…I’d give my soul to be a child again,
and enjoy yesterday’s fantasies
in the refreshing winds of past endearments.
The cooler waters of my childhood rivers haunt me.

Time flies in a morbid frenzy.
He’s the Demon whose swift wings flutter
above and away from my island’s mountains,
the Beast who exiles memories from my isle’s shores.


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Poem: Mortal Humanity

Poem: Mortal Humanity (translation of Mortal Humanidad)

Selected Verses:

Mortal Humanity

(translation of Mortal Humanidad)
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Human mortality is certain!
Our life begins, flows and ends…
We assume the world was world,
is world and will be,
that the earth replenishes and germinates.


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