Poem… Homeland


(translation|modification of Patria)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Present is my absence
Far in proximity
In daydreams, I play
in your landscapes, Motherland.

My Desire: you within me
My Want: me within you
Desiring and wanting you,
my poetry lives loving you.

Playing with words
With words playing
Words of loyalty
for Fatherland’s future.

–You can find the poem in Caribbean Poet, by Luis S. González-Acevedo or the original version in Spanish in Poemas Caribeños, por Luis. S. González-Acevedo–


Poem: when we vote | poem from columbus, oh

when we vote | poem from columbus, oh” will appear in a collection of poems by Luis S. González-Acevedo (release: 2019)

when we vote | poem from columbus, oh

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

when we vote…
beliefs & thoughts come alive
communities expose their hearts
you, y’all & i are revealed

because of your 2016 vote…
i will not set foot in your quaintness
i will not spend money within your borders
i will not engage your inhospitable terrain
i will not breathe your poisonous rural air

i have no need or desire
you don’t & won’t exist to me
archie bunker, i have no interest in you no more

cities are my home
in civilization, i claim sanctuary
my peaceful existence is urban