A Lord & Father’s Day Poem: i saw the “face” of god

On Father’s Day, I stand with immigrant, migrant, and mobile fathers –especially those who have been separated from their children by Satan’s agents: president #45 and his demons.

i saw the “face” of god

for president #45
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

in america 2016, i saw the “face” of god
and the outpouring of “his spirit” in 2017

ever since, this unrecognizable god seems to linger
like a repeating nightmare
that gets worse and doesn’t go away

he sees “the other” with hatred and intolerance
as if his children were better –superior
fallacy of fallacies, vanity of vanities

this distorted god inspires quotes from the holy bible
to justify separating children from parents
and criminalizing the search for dreams

the fake elijahs of today stand before their own god…
a great and powerful fear shatters lives
can the true lord be in such fear?
with fear comes hatred
can the real lord be in such hatred?
with hatred comes intolerance
can a merciful and loving lord be in their intolerance?

the true elijahs await the gentle whisper
of love, courage and acceptance

because in these, the true god abides


Poem: Love’s Divine Wine

Poem: Love’s Divine Wine (translation of Amor Vino Divino)

Selected Verses:

Love’s Divine Wine

(translation of Amor Vino Divino)
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Like the sun:
The most beautiful
The brightest star
The most stunning
…whose love brings joy.

With my affections,
I seek the divine in her.
Her love’s vine
is sweet and strong like fire.
Intoxication is my desire
with her love’s divine wine…


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Poem: Torment

Poem: Torment (translation of Tormento)

Selected Verses:


(translation of Tormento)
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Torment in a fantasy world,
a god suffers because of his beloved’s contempt.
This fool hides behind clouds,
spearing with mortuary cries.

From his hard-set eyes,
tears fall like eagles.
His beloved awaits. They accompany pleasures
from another who hides in the skies.


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Poem: Grandfather

Poem: Grandfather

Selected Verses:

The old black man downed a shot of Don Q.
The light-skinned grandson entered the bar.

~ ~ ~

The old black man downed a shot of Bacardí.
“Hail Mary, mother of God, full of grace!”

~ ~ ~

The grandfather kissed his grandson’s cheek
and grazed him with a beard of age and sandpaper.
God bless Don Q and Bacardí rums.

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Poem: Cloud and Ink | Nube y Tinta

Title: Cloud and Ink | Nube y Tinta

Language: Translation | Spanish to English

Category: Fantasy

Plot: A dove searches for the mortal who will become immortal and a god. When found, he will take a cloud as a pen and a tear as ink so that he can paint a woman’s face –possibly yours– on the meadow and sea.

Featured Verses:

Tear as ink and

with his hand paint

your face on the meadow and

your hair on the sea.

Original Verses: (Spanish)

Lágrima por tinta y

con su mano pintar

tu pinta en el prado y

tu cabello en el mar.

Poet’s Comments: One of my favorite approaches to writing poetry is allowing the poem as much plot as a poem can have. In this, I’m influenced by the classics. From time to time, I enjoy merging reality and fantasy without flinching.

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The translated poem in English:

Caribbean Poet (Release: June 1, 2017)

The original poem in Spanish:

Poemas Caribeños (available)