Poem (12 of 12)… Postscript On Gothic Red

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Postscript On Gothic Red

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Gothic Red –dressed as an imperial princess
whose eyes dawn with grayish blues…
Wear your native dress and crimson gloves
to veil your gentle pale-white skin
and freckled constellations born east of Berlin.
Stain my lips with darkened burgundy
as I devour your mouth with fury;
and with Uralic Magyar zeal,
my heart and soul arouse and heal.

~ ~ ~

And such were the professor’s dreams:
illusions and fantasies of the mind
–yet compelling enough to create the world
of Gothic Jill.
The morning sun’s rays
tear through the bedroom window
and spear his sleeping eyes,
waking the artist of fantasies.
The Philosopher opens his eyes
and stares at the smears & stains
on his pillows & sheets: soot & tar.

–You can find the original poem in Caribbean Poet, by Luis S. González-Acevedo or a translated|modified version in Spanish in Poemas Caribeños, por Luis S. González-Acevedo–