Poem… dromahair, county leitrim, ireland

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dromahair, county leitrim, ireland

–july 11, 2020–
springfield, ohio

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

celestial topaz warms you as its blazing strands fall
they warm me with their radiating dance
in step, sprinkles fall from cotton balls
floating in the sapphire expanse
emerald bumps and dips of space
–precious contours of my atlantic isle–
kisses of speckled whites and dots erase
my frown and paint a smile
shades of green flank your river’s bank
the bonet’s diamond face in its perpetual race
of waters flows into lough gill’s flask
feeding life to specks of white –what loving task!
while rippling into foam along the way
the reflection in river bonet’s glass
that face of melting clay:
it’s me
be it the last of myself I see
sitting on a megalithic river isle, i’ll stare
with peaceful gaze of soul, it’s you i’ll seek
and as life in me grows weak,
i’ll drown in love for you, my dromahair

dromahair, county leitrim, ireland will appear in a future book of poems & stories (release date | July 2021)–



Poem… gorumna island, ireland



gorumna island, ireland

–june 18, 2019–
gorumna island, county galway, ireland

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

on gorumna island, i spent my days
greeting the tides
with my eyes in a daze.
on gorumna island, i spent my days
bidding the same tides farewell
hours after their swell.
on gorumna island, i spent my days
entranced by the spell
as the setting sun sang, “my boy, all is well.”

gorumna island, ireland will appear in a future book of poems and stories (release date | July 2020)–


Poem… ¿what inspires me?

¿what inspires me?

–december 31, 2018–
méxico city, méxico

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

island mountains against my small existence
a palm tree’s sensual sway
and the atlantic nights that drown my arrogance
caribbean breezes hissing through banana leaves their say
and the nostalgia of their vital scent from far away
the scorching sun against my skin over warm sands
while sea waves season me with foam and salt
and the way guava ignites the ocean’s salivary glands
the little frogs’ shrill song followed by their indiscretions
the moon’s kiss of rum and sugarcane
and night’s surrender to coffee passions:
the sweet and bitter darkness that humid skies can’t tame

¿what inspires me? will appear in a future book of poems and stories (release date | July 2020)–

Poem… atlantic island’s dream


atlantic island’s dream

–december 31, 2017–

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

when the winds arrived
they destroyed a foreign dream:
the American dream that never was just died

in spite of the atlantic’s screams
the hurricane left our puerto rican dream alive
and as hard as moving forward now may seem

our lone star will forever thrive

atlantic island’s dream will appear in a future book of poems (release date | July 2020)–