Poem: Mystical World of Hayuya

Poem: Mystical World of Hayuya (translation of Mundo Místico de Hayuya)

Selected Verses:

Mystical World of Hayuya

(translation of Mundo Místico de Hayuya)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

I hope to take you to another world,
enveloped and drowned in haze;
and immerse you in the deep
of its sky and sea of foam…

…the realm will possess you fondly.
The subsky is strawberry,
clouds dress with cotton,
and every day is a surprise.

In its center, a town sleeps.
Mountains surround it.
With its eyes, it wants to see me
and hold you in its heart…


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Poem: Legend of the Coquí

Poem: Legend of the Coquí (translation of Leyenda del Coquí)

Selected Verses:

Legend of the Coquí

(Leyenda del Coquí)
by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Waters slither…
Eternal murmur of rivers
Be silent for a moment
Allow the perpetual expression
That will never quiet
The voice of a native
Injured in solitary suffering.

His word is a cry
Pain paralyzes his tongue
With his finger wrapped in flames
On a rock, he writes a testament
And signs with tears –Coabey…

…In the profound nocturnal darkness
An arrow kisses my chest and grazes my soul.
Moribund and pierced, I stagger toward you:
River of patriotic waters, share your life!
Lick my wounds.
Even if my body dies
Far be it from my Name to die…

…As my heart falls into your crystalline waters…
As my blood and tears drown in you…
Take them to the confines of our homeland
As they touch the souls of other natives
Sleeping in your riverbed
Transform them into Coquís…
Coquí… Coquí…


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Poem (5 of 12): The Poetic Love Story of a Goth | Gothic Jill’s Bite

NoteThe Poetic Love Story of a Goth is a series composed of twelve poems and a subtle story line. The series’ themes are love, fantasy, beautiful hauntings, alternative lifestyles, life’s darker aspects, surrealism, lust, Gothic themes, sensuality, cosmetics, and eroticism.

Poem: The Poetic Love Story of a GothGothBlackWhite

Selected Verses:

Gothic Jill’s Bite

Pose in catlike crawl.
Displace your weight away
and gazing back enthrall
me with each gothic sway.

Suffer trails of red droplets
trickling down salt colored breasts in rush.
Licking skin, I’ll stain sunsets
with my tongue to spike your blush.

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Poema: Silencio

Poema: Silencio

Versos Selectos:


Mi silencio audible ensordece.
Huyen mis palabras del oído.
Escucho el canto que enternece
mi corazón hispano tan temido.

Grita mi alma en un mundo sordo.
Sordo el mundo ignora mi canto.
Hacia mi Hispanoamérica canta este heraldo…
Sólo ella escucha el encanto.

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