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Áxel Vivar is an average human,
an extraordinary person.

He was born in the past,
and will die in the future.
What will happen in between?

Áxel left his island paradise,
searching for the secrets of time.
Will he find them?
Will time let him?

Do geographical locations reveal time’s secrets?
What do cities, sites, and spaces tell us about time?

Can time’s birth-death boundaries be broken?
Can true love help him?

Will Áxel return triumphant to his Caribbean home?

–a story of time & eternity, mortality & immortality, romance & love–

–a tale for mortals–

Author’s word… a future of dreams is experimental writing & storytelling. It’s a humble attempt at art –word art, an attempt that defies the accepted mechanics of storytelling. I gave little consideration to the rules & canons of writing encouraged by the contemporary, literary scene. So, I write as I think and speak –and this will have to do. Thank you for your patronage!

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Poem: Silence (translation of Silencio)

Selected Verses:


(translation of Silencio)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

My audible silence deafens.
My words flee from the ear.
I hear the chant that softens
my Latino heart so feared.

It only softens me.
Alone, I hear my soul.
My Hispanic spirit drinks
cascading waters in their silent roar…

…My soul screams in a deaf world.
Deaf, the world ignores my song.
Toward my own America, this herald sings.
Only she can hear my voice.


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Poema: Destino del Poeta

Versos Selectos:

Destino del Poeta

por Luis S. González-Acevedo

¿Quién impondrá silencio a los labios de un poeta?
¿Quién podrá sin arma presta en manos ir a la guerra?
Las palabras de un poeta: beneficial saeta.
Un arma de vil guerra en manos: al planeta aterra…

…El poeta muere pronunciando sus palabras eternas.
El tiempo vil le obliga a sufrir una muerte austera.
Es un encanto que perdura mil noches serenas.
Como Lázaro, espera una voz que proclame: «¡Ven fuera!»


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