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Áxel Vivar is an average human,
an extraordinary person.

He was born in the past,
and will die in the future.
What will happen in between?

Áxel left his island paradise,
searching for the secrets of time.
Will he find them?
Will time let him?

Do geographical locations reveal time’s secrets?
What do cities, sites, and spaces tell us about time?

Can time’s birth-death boundaries be broken?
Can true love help him?

Will Áxel return triumphant to his Caribbean home?

–a story of time & eternity, mortality & immortality, romance & love–

–a tale for mortals–

Author’s word… a future of dreams is experimental writing & storytelling. It’s a humble attempt at art –word art, an attempt that defies the accepted mechanics of storytelling. I gave little consideration to the rules & canons of writing encouraged by the contemporary, literary scene. So, I write as I think and speak –and this will have to do. Thank you for your patronage!

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And… What now? | Y… ¿Ahora qué?

And… What now?

stories of a beautiful haunting (series written in English)

Currently, I’m working on two literary projects. First, I’m editing my series stories of a beautiful haunting.  The first part –stories of a beautiful haunting: surreal | One– may be released later this year, around December. The second part –stories of a beautiful haunting: surreal | Two– will be released by June 2019. Once these two installments are released, I will move on to editing the prequel to stories of a beautiful haunting: surreal; and by December 2019, I hope to release stories of a beautiful haunting: genesis | One, followed up by stories of a beautiful haunting: genesis | Two by June 2020.

I’m also working on my third book of poems. I hope to release this bilingual book by December 2019 (English/Spanish). The book is dedicated to the island of Puerto Rico, my home. In a recent conversation, I admitted that my gravest mistake was ever moving from the island. I hope to begin to “write” my wrong with this book. The poems will reflect on Puerto Rico’s current events, more recent & past history, and its disastrous, detrimental, and colonial relationship with the United States.

–Luis S. González-Acevedo


Y… ¿Ahora qué?

stories of a beautiful haunting (serie escrita en inglés)

Actualmente, estoy completando dos proyectos literarios. Primeramente, estoy editando mi serie stories of a beautiful haunting (en inglés). La primera parte –stories of a beautiful haunting: surreal | One– estará disponible antes de diciembre de 2018. La segunda parte –stories of a beautiful haunting: surreal | Two– estará disponible antes de junio de 2019. Una vez estos dos libros estén disponibles, editaré las precuelas de stories of a beautiful haunting: surreal. Antes de diciembre de 2019, espero publicar stories of a beautiful haunting: genesis | One, seguida por stories of a beautiful haunting: genesis | Two por junio de 2020.

También estoy escribiendo mi tercer poemario. Espero publicar este poemario bilingüe antes de diciembre de 2019 (inglés/español). El libro será dedicado a la isla de Puerto Rico, mi hogar. En una conversación reciente, admití que mi peor error fue mudarme de la isla. Espero empezar a corregir este error con este poemario. Los poemas reflejarán eventos actuales en Puerto Rico, al igual que pensamientos y opiniones sobre su historia presente y pasada, y su relación desastrosa, perjudicial, y colonial con los Estados Unidos de América.

–Luis S. González-Acevedo

Poem: The Poet’s Destiny (translation of Destino del Poeta)

Selected Verses:

The Poet’s Destiny

(translation of Destino del Poeta)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Who will impose silence on a poet’s lips?
Who can go to war without weapons?
The words of a poet: beneficial arrows.
Villainous weapons: terrify the planet…

…Poets die pronouncing eternal words.
Vicious time makes us suffer austere deaths.
It’s a curse that lasts a million serene nights;
but like Lazarus, every poet awaits the voice that proclaims: “Poet, come forth.”


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