Poem… gorumna island, ireland



gorumna island, ireland

–june 18, 2019–
gorumna island, county galway, ireland

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

on gorumna island, i spent my days
greeting the tides
with my eyes in a daze.
on gorumna island, i spent my days
bidding the same tides farewell
hours after their swell.
on gorumna island, i spent my days
entranced by the spell
as the setting sun sang, “my boy, all is well.”

gorumna island, ireland will appear in a future book of poems and stories (release date | July 2020)–


Poem… night king, lord of the white walkers

night king, lord of the white walkers

–june 5, 2019–
reykjavík, iceland

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

“winter is coming,”
night’s snowflakes cry.
the wicked season’s ice is roaring
as the fires die
and charcoal chills spill toward our wall.
warning: the frozen barrier will soon fall.
HBO revealed you
as we fed you and scurried to your rescue.
such unpardonable sins!
so true!
such nonsense…
making us believe you died…
you didn’t? i know!
you’re waiting for emotions to subside
but when kindness and our brains grow cold,
this and more will show
that you escaped the screen & stream,
making your way into reality.
now, you lie in wait –you fiend,
sustained by our banality.
such fun… the violence,
glorified quirks & kills,
the dulling of good sense,
–of the beautiful, of course–
not the ugly and the currency wasters.
i’m ashamed to admit that you were fun,
unlike watching the melting of glaciers.
as we approach life without the sun,
i thank you, and i’m grateful.
what? what did you say, again?
is winter still coming?
does it hope that i consent?
but it regardless shall arrive…
when this final season comes,
and with great relief the moon sighs,
when all light from humanity runs:
i beg you, Bran Stark, just say goodbye…
forget me on that night,
erase all memory of me, just let it die.

night king, lord of the white walkers will appear in a future book of poems and stories (release date | July 2020)–


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