Poem: the little puerto rican girl

man holding girl while walking on street
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the little puerto rican girl

by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

–december 4, 2018–
springfield, ohio, usa

the little puerto rican girl
who made my heart whirl
is now a woman.

the squint of her d.w. eyes
like the memory of her hand in mine
these spin my corazón into a loving twirl.

where others merely walked, she strolls triumphant
she inhales the eastern sea
with wit and drive in her accomplishment.

and yes, I proudly know…
my little girl, this woman is better than I’ll ever be.



Poem: Virus

virus” will appear in a collection of poems & short stories by Luis S. González-Acevedo (release: 2019-2020)

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–august 6, 2018–
london, england

by luis s. gonzález-acevedo

¡dare! invade my body
as you wager… ¡go ahead!
¡celebrate! ¡believe your folly!
that you can win if i’m left dead.

what you don’t know
is what i know from experience:
after your sickening blow
you’ll weaken in futile resistance.

but even if you win
your joy will be ephemeral
and life much like the wind.
in sum, my body is your coffin
and with my funeral
yours begins.

Coming Soon! –a future of dreams–


Coming Soon!

Release of…

a future of dreams


by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Release Date: June 1, 2018

Áxel Vivar is an average human,
an extraordinary person.

He was born in the past,
and will die in the future.
What will happen in between?

Áxel left his island paradise,
searching for the secrets of time.
Will he find them?
Will time let him?

Do geographical locations reveal time’s secrets?
What do cities, sites, and spaces tell us about time?

Can time’s birth-death boundaries be broken?
Can true love help him?

Will Áxel return triumphant to his Caribbean home?

–a story of time & eternity, mortality & immortality, romance & love–
–a tale for mortals–


Poem (translation): Princess

Poem: Princess

Selected Verses:

(Translation of Princesa)

Princess with porcelain skin and crystal eyes,
accept the poem of this poet and noble…

…From the king’s court, I observe you
–from a distance in the tower that attracts my gaze.
And from that distance, your figure corrects my wrong;
because desiring you is not a sin.

Few are the days I’ve seen you close.
As your gaze penetrates mine,
reflected in your eyes I see my world.
Hold me with your lips; and through your eyes, I’ll enter…

…Torture me with your lips’ sweet graze
and the softness of your tongue…

Through my emerald eyes, you entered.
Around my mind, you stroll each night and day.
Tonight, I’ll capture you; and as you kiss me,
you’ll tender the lips that mine invade.


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Poem: Grandfather

Poem: Grandfather

Selected Verses:

The old black man downed a shot of Don Q.
The light-skinned grandson entered the bar.

~ ~ ~

The old black man downed a shot of Bacardí.
“Hail Mary, mother of God, full of grace!”

~ ~ ~

The grandfather kissed his grandson’s cheek
and grazed him with a beard of age and sandpaper.
God bless Don Q and Bacardí rums.

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