Poem… Mystical World of Hayuya

Mystical World of Hayuya

(translation|modification of Mundo Místico de Hayuya)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

I hope to take you to another world,
enveloped and drowned in haze;
and immerse you in the deep
of its sky and sea of foam.

It’s a land of enchantment:
where winged sheep fly
and serpents provoke no fears.
Under a splendorous star,

the realm will possess you fondly.
The subsky is strawberry,
clouds dress with cotton,
and every day is a surprise.

In its center, a town sleeps.
Mountains surround it.
With its eyes, it wants to see me
and hold you in its heart.

¡Come! Abandon this foreign land
that you can’t call yours.
I’ll be El Cid and you… My Queen
Our empire… Green-Hayuya

–You can find the poem in Caribbean Poet, by Luis S. González-Acevedo or the original version in Spanish in Poemas Caribeños, por Luis S. González-Acevedo–


Poem: My Childhood Island Fades

Dedication: I dedicate this poem to those who have left their homeland, my grandfather Don Luis, Don Pedro Albizu Campos, Doña Blanca Canales and Puerto Rico.

Poem: My Childhood Island Fades

Selected Verses:

Heart of Mine wish upon a star for me to stay
or in the future runaway back to my island’s shores.
Over sands, I’ll wade among its waves once more:
Seduced by seafoam’s wet caress
and kissed by the Atlantic’s breath
with winds that bind my ever-present soul ashore.


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