Poem: Seduction (translation of Seducción)

Selected Verses:


(translation of Seducción)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Let me press your body to the wall
so that your breasts grind against its bricks…

…Your top will fall, sliding against your skin…
…I’ll undress your body; and to make you tremble,
I’ll kiss your back and taste your neck.

My hands will glide throughout your body, your legs…
My mouth will kiss your waist; and as I bite,
my dream will make a feast of you…

Drown in my seduction:
erotic dimension of a lusting reality.
Receive the lashing of my sensuality
and enjoy the delights of my blazing passion.

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Poem (4 of 12): The Poetic Love Story of a Goth | Gothic Jill’s Seduction

NoteThe Poetic Love Story of a Goth is a series composed of twelve poems and a subtle story line. The series’ themes are love, fantasy, beautiful hauntings, alternative lifestyles, life’s darker aspects, surrealism, lust, Gothic themes, sensuality, cosmetics, and eroticism.

Poem: The Poetic Love Story of a Goth


Selected Verses:

Gothic Jill’s Seduction

The icy graze of my touch in the wind
burns your lips with tortured fires.
Blood invades your pallid skin, saliva thickens
while suffering my hands’ warmth in the cool evening breeze.

Against caressing pillows,
your lips settle like gentle flames.
Forceful winds lull you
into hurricane spirals that thrash you
with their slumberous motion,
leaving you forever bound
to my lips seduction…


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