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The Wonders of Yesteryear: Stonehenge

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The Wonders of Yesteryear: Stonehenge

Some believe that life ceases to surprise us as we age –that boredom sets in. However, the wonders of the human spirit still surprise me –not necessarily the spirit of my contemporaries, as I fear we have become victims of predictability. It’s our more “primitive” ancients that inspire my amazement.

I’ve strolled along the path at Stonehenge and admired the stones, carefully placed in their formations. I was struck with awe and wonder. What could Stonehenge have been five thousand years ago? What secrets and mysteries do the stones protect? I imagine tribes and nations coming before its priests and priestesses at the stones to consult the awesomeness of their gods –stones surrounded by forest, veiling and creating unfathomable mystery, fires burning high and illuminating the greatness of our human spirit.

I’m reminded of old Hebrew verses in the Tanakh & Christian Old Testament,

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Poem… Book of Spells |page five | Prince Connell’s Grave | Stonehenge

by Luis S. González-Acevedo…

Book of Spells

Page Five


Prince Connell’s Grave

The book you seek
and the one who benefits from its spells
await at the stony feet
of royalty, protected by Prince Connell’s
Grave. The love & lust of lovers’ fate
severed by an ocean –the Book of Spells may save.



Within the field and meadow
of an ancient forest passed
lies Stonehenge, megalithic echo
of heroic stories, songs and our immemorial past.

Among its magic stones recite
the final verses in the Book of Spells inscribed.
The wonderlust of love ignite
for those in love and severed by the sea’s divide.

–You can find the poem in Caribbean Poet, by Luis S. González-Acevedo–