Poem… The Poet’s Destiny

The Poet’s Destiny

(translation|modification of Destino del Poeta)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Who will impose silence on a poet’s lips?
Who can go to war without weapons?
The words of a poet: beneficial arrows.
Villainous weapons: terrify the planet.

My rhymes water our cold human garden.
They are the sun’s tears. Impotent, the day breaks crying;
while in its obvious defiance, the tenebrous human night
covers its ears with severe winds to drown my song.

Poets die pronouncing eternal words.
Vicious time makes us suffer austere deaths.
It’s a curse that lasts a million serene nights;
but like Lazarus, every poet awaits the voice that proclaims: “Poet, come forth.”

–You can find the poem in Caribbean Poet, by Luis S. González-Acevedo or the original version in Spanish in Poemas Caribeños, por Luis S. González-Acevedo–


Poem: Peace (translation of Paz)

Poem: Peace (translation of Paz)

Selected Verses:

He flung his fist, then his sword;
he fired a rifle, then launched a missile:
Taking precious life,
vile men acquire power…

…At night, a mother drowns in her weeping
and remembers her boy who marched off to war.
She begs God for divine protection,
not knowing her son died with the sun…

…What a beautiful flower the world would be!
If it didn’t hide a voracious thorn…
If it gave life to the moribund
and peace to the human race…

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