Nature: Word of the Divine | La Naturaleza: Palabra de lo Divino

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Nature is the word of the Divine. The faithful should be horrified with its destruction –as if sacred scriptures were in flames.

La naturaleza es la palabra de lo Divino. Los fieles deberían llenarse de horror con su destrucción –como si escrituras sagradas estuvieran en llamas.

–Luis S. González-Acevedo


Poem: The Poet’s Destiny (translation of Destino del Poeta)

Selected Verses:

The Poet’s Destiny

(translation of Destino del Poeta)

by Luis S. González-Acevedo

Who will impose silence on a poet’s lips?
Who can go to war without weapons?
The words of a poet: beneficial arrows.
Villainous weapons: terrify the planet…

…Poets die pronouncing eternal words.
Vicious time makes us suffer austere deaths.
It’s a curse that lasts a million serene nights;
but like Lazarus, every poet awaits the voice that proclaims: “Poet, come forth.”


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